• IN THE KINGDOM OF ICE book review
    Title: In the Kingdom of Ice Author: Hampton Sides Published: 2014 Format: Audiobook, 17 hrs 30 mins Read by Arthur Morey In the Kingdom of Ice filled my mind with the horror and miracles I looked for in an adventure. It gave accounts of exploration of the opposite pole from Antarctica. However, the passion for ice […]
  • THE PAYING GUESTS book review
    Title: The Paying Guests Author: Sarah Waters Published: 2014 Format: Audiobook, 21 hrs 29 min Read by Juliet Stevenson The Paying Guests is set in 1922 post-war London. The narrator is in third person point of view, limited to the protagonist Frances Wray. Frances, age 26, lives with her mother as a “spinster,” struggling to […]
  • THIS WON’T END WELL book review
    Title: This Won’t End Well Author: Camille Pagán Published: 2020 Format: E-book, 295 pages This Won’t End Well is in the first-person point of view via journal entries, emails, and a few texts by or to the protagonist, Annie. A play-by-the rules Scientist, Annie loses her job and her fiancé all at once. Her boss […]
  • CONVICTION book review
    Title: Conviction Author: Denise Mina Published: 2019 Format: Audiobook, 9 hrs 46 mins Read by Cathleen McCarron A mother of two young girls, Anna, is devastated when their father, and the man she’s lived with for years as a husband, leaves her for a woman she thought was her friend. Within 24 hours of his […]
  • DARK MATTER book review
    Title: Dark Matter Author: Blake Crouch Published: 2016 Format: Audiobook, 10 hrs 8 mins Narrated by Jon Lindstrom We’re introduced to the, admittedly tipsy, narrator, Jason Dessen, as he enjoys what will turn out to be his last evening with this version of his wife and son. The rather direct foreshadowing of his impending abduction […]
  • SEVERANCE book review
    Title: Severance Author: Ling Ma Published: 2018 Format: E-book, 297 pages Typical time to read: 5.5 hours I hastily finished Severance as COVID-19 hit the US because the themes in Ma’s story were too close to home. It’s a little uncomfortable when the vividly painted reality of an apocalypse in the book you are reading […]

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