Travel, my love

I like to travel. Who doesn’t?! Before I go anywhere, I usually spend a little time looking up where to stay, eat and a few things to do. I traveled around the world several times, to six continents and over 30 countries. I found blogs to be helpful places to find good travel tips, so I am here to chime in. 

BOOK reviews: Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, there’s usually some wait-time to fill. One of my pet peeves is wasting time. I find audio and electronic books to be great stress-reducers and entertainers to help me fill the time. Informal book reviews are posted as possible travel companions.

Travel recommendations and tips posts are coming soon.

The pictures are my own unless otherwise linked to their source.

I look forward to your questions and comments for more content. I will include content I don’t have experience in, like traveling with kids, by consulting with experts. I hope you find something useful and helpful for your journey!