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  • IN THE KINGDOM OF ICE book review
    Title: In the Kingdom of Ice Author: Hampton Sides Published: 2014 Format: Audiobook, 17 hrs 30 mins Read by Arthur Morey In the Kingdom of Ice filled my mind with the horror and miracles I looked for in an adventure. It gave accounts of exploration of the opposite pole from Antarctica. However, the passion for ice […]
  • THE PAYING GUESTS book review
    Title: The Paying Guests Author: Sarah Waters Published: 2014 Format: Audiobook, 21 hrs 29 min Read by Juliet Stevenson The Paying Guests is set in 1922 post-war London. The narrator is in third person point of view, limited to the protagonist Frances Wray. Frances, age 26, lives with her mother as a “spinster,” struggling to […]
  • THIS WON’T END WELL book review
    Title: This Won’t End Well Author: Camille Pagán Published: 2020 Format: E-book, 295 pages This Won’t End Well is in the first-person point of view via journal entries, emails, and a few texts by or to the protagonist, Annie. A play-by-the rules Scientist, Annie loses her job and her fiancé all at once. Her boss […]

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